Nikki Catsouras Death

Nikki Catsouras Death | Nikki Catsuras Accident Photos Controversy

Nikki Catsouras Dead Photographs Case

Nikki Catsouras died October 31, 2016 in a fatal car accident. She was barely 18-year-old at the time of her death. Speed was considered to be factor in the accident that took her life.

Nikki Catsouras (Nikki Catsura or nikki castagneto) was traveling in a Porsche 911 Carrera, which reportedly belonged to her father when the she collided with a toll booth in Lake Forest, California.

Nikki Catsouras Death Photos | Nikki Catsouras Accident Photos:

The accident pictures of Nikki Catsouras were leaked online. The photographs of Nikki’s accident were reportedly leaked by California officers.

The images show badly disfigured body of the teen girl and have been published on many internet platforms, leading the family of the deceased to take a legal action.

The Catsouras family sued the California Highway Patrol and the two dispatch supervisors allegedly responsible for leaking the photographs in the Superior Court of California for Orange County. Initially, a judge ruled that it would be appropriate to move forward with the family’s legal case against the CHP for leaking the photographs.

The Nikki Catsouras dead images are widely available on Google images. It is very devastating and horrifying.