Tribute To Nimali Amaratunga Brearley Refreshes Loss.

A recent tribute to Nimali Amaratunga Brearley, has really renewed the deep sense loss over her death in the hearts of her friends and families.

Nimali Amaratunga passed away earlier this, sometime in February. Recently a tribute was paid to her at the end of Britain’s Biggest Warship goes to sea.

It was aired on BBC2 around 8 p.m., Nimali’s loved ones took to Facebook to pay tribute to her.

In memory of Nimali Amaratunga-Brearley RIP lovely lady you left us at such a young age and you’re missed by more people than you thought.

DeadDeath is not sure of what could have caused Amartunga’s death but, it is quite clear that she is forever loved.

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