Officer Jonathan Diaz, 31, Shot Dead By His Friend At Birthday A Party

A man named Ramiro Trevino Jr, had murdered his friend, an off-duty California police officer, Jonathan Diaz before turning the gun on himself.

It was not only Diaz that got shot, Trevino Jr. also shot his own father who has been admitted in critical condition.

What really happened? According to report, Ramiro Trevino Jr. and his girlfriend were having a violent argument. It was Trevino Jr.’s father’s birthday, so the tragedy happened right there at the birthday party.

31-year-old Diaz and Trevino Jr.’s father Ramiro Trevino Sr. stepped in to calm down the argument between  Trevino Jr. and his girlfriend, and they were both shot and killed by Trevno Jr.

Ramiro Trevino Jr. was a welfare fraud investigator with the Kings County Sheriff Office. He turned the gun on himself after shooting his father and his friend multiple times.

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