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Rabbi Micah Caplan Obituary | Death – Cause Of Death | Passed Away

Rabbi Micah Caplan Death / Obituary – We learnt about Rabbi Micah Caplan death through a tribute posted on Facebook by Rabbi Allouche on June 15, 2020.

Rabbi Micah Caplan was the founder and Spiritual Leader at Congregation Or Tzion of Scottsdale, Arizona. His death has caused so much pains to his family and loved ones. Rabbi Micah cause of death is yet to be released by beloved family member. RIP Rabbi.

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Tributes And Sharing

Below are tributes and condolences shared on social media by the family and loved ones of the deceased

“My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to browse in the gardens, and to pick roses.” – Song of Songs 6:2
This stirring verse kept playing in my mind, as I heard the devastating news this evening, on the passing of my dear friend and colleague, Rabbi Micah Caplan, Spiritual Leader at

Congregation Or Tzion

of Scottsdale, Arizona.

For reasons that we will never be able to comprehend, just a few hours ago, our “beloved,” G-d, came down to “His Garden,” this world, to pick a very special rose. Indeed, what a unique “rose” Micah was! Splendid in his soulful beauty. Majestic in his towering yet loving stature. And Divine in his “scent” of kindness and empathy, that touched countless people.
We both founded our respective congregations, here, in the valley, at the same time, some ten years ago. And although our perspectives were, at times, different, our mutual respect for one another was profound and unwavering; our collaboration on many community-wide programs was imbued with humility and harmony; and our hearts — which almost always pulsated with the incessant question of “how can we lead the way and work together for the sake of our community?” — were, and will forever remain, one.
Micah, I will miss you, my dear brother. The world has lost a shining soul, whose light will undoubtedly continue to radiate forever. But I promise you that your holy absence in our world will be answered with our utter commitment to creating an even greater holy presence in our world, with deeds of goodness, in your loving memory.
Finally, during these very hours in which innumerable scores of angels are escorting your precious and eternal soul, may I dare ask you:
As you so deeply cared for all of your beloved family, your community, and our nation, here below, please continue to so deeply care for them, there, above. And as you so fervently prayed for our globe here below, please continue to so fervently pray for our globe, there, above. Shake the heavens. Beseech G-d on our behalf (I am certain that He listens to you). We can’t bear the pain anymore. As I know you will agree: The time has come for Him to send to our world tidings of salvation and times of redemption. May these days come speedily. Amen.
A Message of Hope by Rabbi

Micah Caplan
My friends,
Last week in Minneapolis, like too many times before, we witnessed painful injustice of our brothers and sisters in the black community. We are one and when they hurt, we hurt.
No one should lose their life for going for a jog, breaking up a fight, sitting in their home watching TV, driving home from dinner, buying candy at a convenience store, or having their car break down. And no one should lose their life over $20, especially at the hand of those who should keep us safe.
As Jews, we know all too well what oppression looks like based on our history. Some of the biggest lessons learned from our past are to never forget and not be silent.
The Talmud highlights that silence equals agreement. And the Torah teaches us to not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor.
Elie Weisel reminds us, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.” And his sentiment is echoed by so many others that have faced oppression. South Africa’s Desmond Tutu says, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
This is no time to be silent. As Jews, we are taught to stand up for ourselves and others and use our voice for good. As Hillel says, ”If I am not for myself who will be for me. But if I am only for myself who am I. If not now, when.” Our fellow Americans need our help.
I urge you to find a way to express your solidarity peacefully. Consider calling your member of Congress, supporting a human rights organization, or being a good samaritan and neighbor if you see something that isn’t right.
As a people, let us be a light unto our nation.
With hope for healing,
Rabbi Micah Caplan

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Rabbi Micah Caplan Funeral Plans | Arrangement

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Rabbi Micah Caplan GoFundMe

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