Sara serena Mehat

Rising Model Serena Sara Mehta Has Died – Obituary

It is always traumatizing whenever there is a young person’s death and that can be said about the death of uprising model, Serena Sara Mehta.

Serena was a lover a fashion and has been participating in different modeling gigs, trying to bring herself to spotlight. sadly, she died unexpectedly at a very young age.

Sara Mehta was also an advocate “for rape survivors. As well as public speeches to educate about consent to avoid being a rapist,” her Facebook profile reads.

The Cause of of Serena Mehta’s death is unknown at this time. Meghan M. in an Instagram post, announced the death of Sara. She shared the below death notice with a picture of her.Serena Sara Mehta

“It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing away of my little sister, Serena Sara Mehta @cutie_ssm Serena was always a wild child with a huge heart and untamable personality. She marched to the beat of her own drum and wouldn’t have it any other way. She had so much love to give and was loved by so many in return. She was an advocate for so many and always wanted to help anyone in need.

She believed in shamelessness, openness and equality across all genders, races and socioeconomic groups and fought for the same throughout her life. She was also passionate about mental health awareness and destigmatization across all communities which is something I hope to continue to work towards in her honor.

All we can do now is hope and pray she is in a better place and that she has found the peace she deserves.
I love you always and hope you never doubted it, Child. Be free”

Our prayers are with the Mehta family.