Rountree: Nawal Ramez Ahmed Mohamed Death | GoFundMe

Nawal Ramez Ahmed Mohamed Death was a very traumatic one. She died tragically after being struck by a car Thursday evening, November 14, 2019.

Nawal Ramez was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead by Monday afternoon due to injuries she sustained.

A GoFundMe page campaign is being organized by Rountree PTA and Heather Housley to raise fund for Nawal’s burial expenses.

Excerpt from the message posted on the page.

Nawal was struck accidentally by a car on Main Street early Thursday evening. We are sad to report that she died due to her injuries Monday Afternoon. We are using this campaign to help the family raise money for medical expenses and funeral costs. Nawal was a 1st grader who had been a part of the Rountree family for the past 2 years. She was a sweet, precocious girl with a bright smile that lit up a room.

You may follow this [link] to make a donation