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Royce Fisher Death: 9-year-old Killed In Iowa Crash

Obituary: Royce Fisher has passed away. He died tragically in a two-vehicle accident that happened on the north side of Rudd, Iowa – said, Iowa State Patrol

What Caused Royce Fisher’s Death

According to report, a vehicle was northbound on Glass Avenue when it drove through a posted stop sign at about 6:36 a.m. Sunday. The vehicle was broadsided by a vehicle travelling eastbound on Rudd Park Road.

The accident led to Royce Fisher’s death, at age 9. Four other people involved in the accident were injured.

The state’s emergency service , The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Rudd Fire and Rescue, Mason City Fire Department and Nora Springs Fire and Ambulance assisted the Iowa State Patrol with the accident.

Our prayers are with Fisher’s family.