Roza Garza Death I Obituary: Died In A Fatal Crash

Death & Obituary: Roza Garza passed away December 1, 2019 following a fatal vehicle crash that happened on the northbound Highway 101 connector to Interstate 280 in San Jose, according to report.

Roza Garza died Sunday morning due to an accident, according to the Santa Clara Medical Examiners officials.

Roza Garza was seen traveling in a Nissan on the northbound Highway, when a Dodger charger at a high speed tried to overtake Roza vehicle and crashed into it, then caused the Nissan to travel out of control across the transition road, where it stuck a guadrail, according to California Highway Patrol.

61 year-old Roza Garza of San Jose was reportedly dead at the scene of the incident.

Preliminary investigations indicated that Esteban Aguilar Jimenez,the driver of the Dodger had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.