Sacramento County identifies 3 storm-related deaths

After the storms that occurred during the New Year’s weekend, the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office was able to identify the three people who were discovered dead. Steven Sampson, 45, from McAlester, Oklahoma: On Sunday morning, the body of Sampson was discovered in a vehicle off of Dillard Road close to Highway 99. By using a helicopter, the authorities found the vehicle, and then they used a boat to retrieve his body from the water.

Mei Keng Lam, 57, was found dead on Wednesday morning along Dillard Road when cops were working to collect automobiles in the area. Lam was a resident of San Leandro. Her corpse had not been moved from the location where it was discovered, which was approximately 2,000 feet away from the roadway.

Orland resident Katherine Martinez, 61, was discovered dead inside a submerged vehicle on New Hope Road in Galt on Wednesday evening. Martinez’s body was recovered inside the vehicle. According to her family, who spoke with ABC10, they discovered her vehicle on their own and contacted the authorities.

During the course of the week, many counties besides Solano and Sonoma reported storm-related fatalities, including one death in Solano County and one death in Sonoma County. A tree that had fallen upon the toddler’s mobile home in Sonoma County on Wednesday night caused the toddler’s death. The victim was a toddler. A 19-year-old lady was killed in an accident that occurred in Solano County on Wednesday morning. She was traveling in Fairfield when she hydroplaned and collided with a utility pole.

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