Samiu Bloomfield Death | Obituary: Everett Bloomfield Has Died

Everett Bloomfield Passed Away

Samiu Bloomfield death was quite unexpected. MyEverettNews initially announced through its social media pages that Bloomfield had gone missing.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bloomfield has died after being exposed to the weather for the past few days. The Everett Police Officer’s Association announced the passing.

Everett Bloomfield cause of death is not said. The message on Facebook reads below…

A hats off and head down thoughtful show of respect and sympathies to Samiu and his family.

RIP SAMIU BLOOMFIELD 7/30/49-1/19/2020

Many of you may remember Samiu standing on the corner of Everett Avenue and Broadway in Everett WA; waving his American flags. Every morning I would wave, honk, give him a thumbs up! Then he was gone. I wondered where he went, I knew his health wasn’t 100%. I missed seeing the wild patriotic man on the corner. Halloween he wore a Friday the 13th Jason mask, still waving his flags. Samiu loved our country and was a proud immigrant. His house was even painted red, white, and blue. His wife passed away and he sadly lost the house. He still marched in the Colors of Freedom July 4th parade.

SAMIU was having medical issues prior to going missing. For three days he went with no food or water and to add the freezing temps his body was shutting down. A Good Samaritan found him and called for an ambulance. He was taken to Harborview medical where they performed surgery on is bowels. He wasn’t able to recover and passed at around 6:30am 1/19. RIP sir.