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Samuel Hoffman Death | Suspect And Victim Found Dead In Douglas County

Samuel Hoffman death & obituary. State Patrol trooper found the body of a 18-year-old Samuel Hoffman, Jr after reportedly to have shot to death himself as troopers approached his VW Passat under I-25 on an underpass near NM-124.5 at about 7:39

Details On Samuel Hoffman’s Death Was Published On Facebook

“HOMICIDE SUSPECT AND VICTIM found dead inside a VW Passat by the first arriving State Patrol trooper when she spotted it under I-25 on an underpass near MM-124.5 at about 7:39 pm. The male, Samuel Hoffman, Jr (age 18, DOB 7/20/2001), appeared to shoot and kill himself as the troopers approached the vehicle at about 7:42 pm. The first El Paso County deputy arrived about 10 minutes later.

“Hoffman had picked up his 17-year-old friend at her high school in Douglas County in the afternoon and took her less than half a mile away to a park-and-ride where he killed her and later drove south down I-25. We know her name but her family asked law enforcement not to release it to the public and we are also honoring that wish.

“The vehicle was located after a “Be on the Lookout” (BOLO) was sent out from Littleton PD and broadcast by Colorado State Patrol around 7 pm and then broadcast by El Paso County Sheriff’s Department about 7:25 pm and the info from Littleton PD gave the location along I-25 where they believed the suspect’s car had got a flat tire and he was hiding the vehicle from view.

“Report the news…. don’t be part of the news. First arriving CSP troopers that were searching for the car in the area, first encountered a white car they thought could be the suspect vehicle but then noticed it was a white Subaru Forester belonging to KKTV Ch-11 news and they had beat them to the area and was lurking on a side road where the troopers were searching. Of course law enforcement was not happy and they were told to leave.”