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Terry de Havilland Death | Obituary: Roll n Roll Cobbler Dead

Terry de Havilland Cause of Death | Tributes:

Renowned English shoe designer known as Rock n Roll shoe designer, Terry de Havilland died. He passed away on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. What led to his death is unknown.

Terry is often called Rock n Roll Cobbler.

There are several tweets of tributes on Twitter, he has lots of loyal fans and wide client base. Some of the tweets read below.

Lee Gee @LSG333: My gorgeous friend Terry de Havilland left us today. Here he is in his studio, where he made magic every time. We had a right giggle, always. RIP Terry. We’ll miss your anarchy, courage and humour.

Mik Scarlet @MikScarlet: Too many amazing people are dying. A great friend & huge talent, Terry De Havilland died today. He deserved shoes that shaped generations. From the stack heals of the 70’s to the Dread Boots of the 90’s, you see his influence everywhere. He was a diamond bloke too

Liz Eggleston @MissPeelpants: The saddest farewell to the Rock and Roll Cobbler, Terry de Havilland who has died at the age of 81. An absolute genius and such a lovely man. The world just got a lot less glamorous

Humphry Smith @humpsmith Terry de Havilland RIP. A playful, lustful, caring man, an artist and artisan, a man of sole. Witty and wonderful Terry, good bye xx Death comes even to those who were larger than life.