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Thor Macht Has Died, Cause Of Death – Obituary

Obituary : American born Actor, Thor Macht is dead. The actor who became famous after his role in “Hurt”, “The Adventures of Bellatrix and Ayah”, has passed away.

Thor Macht friends and families are posting tributes through their social media accounts.

Thor also starred in great movies like “Gowpen Hurdle” , “The Spy Force”, “Legends and Lies” , and “America: Facts vs Fiction”.

The 25-year-old deceased was born in New Orleans, L.A. but later moved to Richmond, VA with his family. Drew Macht and Linda Balder are his Father and Mother, respectfully. He also has an older sister named Jessica. We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media.

What Is Thor Macht Cause of Death?

We have no clue about the cause of his death at this time but will make post on this once we found out.

There are few queries on what happened to EryWorld after Thor Macht’s death? We are looking into it.

Thor Macht’s Funeral will be announced and we will make an update here. You may want to leave a Tribute to Thor Macht below.