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TobyMac Son’s Death: “Sudden Death At Home Does Not Equal Drug”

Truett Foster McKeehan’s Death: It is very easy for people to always think drug when a young vibrant man suddenly died at home; no known illness, no accident – It is very common.

On the death of Trudog, the police are investigating the sudden death of the 21-year-old artist. However,  it doesn’t stop people from think whatever.

Katie Jo Tadeo is making it obvious that sudden death at home is not always drug related. There are few other things that could trigger death that are not always drug related.

While the world waits for result from police investigation, it is usually good to avoid jumping into conclusions on anyone’s death.

Sharing a line of Truett Foster’s death, Katie explained that cardiac arrest can also cause sudden death, and it “can be triggered by even a simple morning alarm clock.”

Sudden death at home does NOT= drugs. Please be aware of Long QT syndrome! Many cases go undetected and undiagnosed! This usually is not picked up on an autopsy. My sister went into cardiac arrest at 25 do to this heart issue. She died and was miraculously brought back with a defibrillator. Without the tramatic event that happened to my sister, my other sisters, 2 of my children and i would never know we have this VERY dangerous heart arrhythmia. Cardiac arrest can be triggered by even a simple morning alarm clock. Please look it up, there are identifiable symptoms. Spread awareness.

Katie jo