Tom Zolinski

Tom Zolinski Death | Freeland Coach Dead At 55

Tom Zolinski Cause Death

Tom Zolinski died on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the age of 55 years old. The cause of his death is not made public at this. Zolinski reported passed away in his home.

Tom Zolinski was very successful in his 12 years career as coach. He won a lot of championships and took his teams to the Breslin Center three times.

The death of Zolinski was confirmed on Saturday morning by Freeland Athletics Director Jeff Bell.

“He was just a great person. He was a great coach but more so a great person,” Bell said quietly, adding that Zolinski’s greatest strength as a coach was relating to his players. ” … I think in today’s world of athletics, people think that X’s and O’s are the most important thing (for a coach to know). Tom was a great example of why relationships are more important than X’s and O’s.”

More details on Tom Zolinski death coming soon…