TrotCon’s Core Staff, Damon Has Died

In a Twitter post, TrotCon announced the death of their staff whom they valued so much. Davon passed away on Monday, December 9, 2019. His cause of death is not said.

“Damon’s wife is also a part of TrotCon and is the head of cosplay at the company.

We wanted to let our attendees know that yesterday, Dec. 9, Damon/@CyberBlackJack
, our longtime head of security and part of TrotCon’s core staff, passed away. His wife is our head of cosplay.

It’s hard to imagine a TrotCon without him, and we ask that you keep his family, especially his wife and son, in your thoughts.

We’ll probably be a little quiet on here the next few days, and we apologize if we’re slow to respond to anyone on social media or on email.”