Two drivers hit a woman within minutes; both fled

The San Antonio Police Department is looking for a driver who hit a woman and hurt her so badly that she died from her injuries. At about 2 a.m. on Friday, December 16, the crash happened at the intersection of Westwood Loop and 1604 North. KENS 5 told us that, according to the first report of the incident, she was hit by a 2013 blue Chevrolet Camaro at an intersection, and the driver of the Camaro ran away. From what we know so far, the woman was thrown out of her car and suffered serious injuries.

But the police have sent out new information that says she got out of her car and walked to a private driveway after that Camaro hit her. She was standing there when a car from somewhere drove onto the sidewalk and hit her. That driver left without stopping to help. At the hospital, the woman died. The woman has been named by the police as Genoveva Conaway. On December 30, we talked to her husband, Bill Conaway.

He said he thought his wife died because she was hit by two drivers who might have been drunk seconds apart. Now, it looks like this is explained in the San Antonio Crime Stoppers report. “She stopped on the side of the road, confused and dazed. But she was smart enough to call me, “Conaway said about Genoveva Conaway, his wife. “The other car came at that time. I can only guess that they left because they were drunk or had something to hide.”

Conaway says that he never heard Genoveva’s voice on the phone, so he thought that she must have dialed the wrong number. The next morning, Genoveva’s boss called and asked why the overnight chef didn’t clock in. They’d been together for close to 25 years. There were five of them. He said, “I can’t bring her back.” “But if I can help someone else avoid going through this, that’s what I’d like to do.”

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