Vacaville Amanda Arconti Death | E-Cigarettes Pointed As The Cause Of Death

45-year-old Amanda Arconti has died. According to Marin County Health Department, Arconti died in a hospital in Novato from complications that is related to e-cigarettes.

Amanda Arconti Cause Of Death

Arconti died reported to be the first in the Bay Area to die from complications related to the use of e-cigarettes. Marin County health department said she started vaping 6 months ago… before then, she was a very healthy woman.

Arconti died at the age ofs 45-year-old. Before Amanda Arconti death, there were 39 deaths nationwide associated with e-cigarettes, and Arconti’s death making the death toll to reach 40.

“She had symptoms of a cold from the previous days, presented herself to the emergency department, rapidly progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, was place on a breathing machine, sent to the ICU and succumbed within 24 hours,” explained Dr. Matt Willis of the Department of Health and Human Services in Marin County.