Virginia Leith Death | Actress In “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” Has Died

Virginia Leith, the actress who played a major role in ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’ (1962), has passed away. Leith also starred in Fear and Desire, the first feature directed by Stanley Kubrick, before turning in her most famous role — that of a disembodied head in a pan in the schlock classic The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

Leith died at the age of 94. She passed away on November 4, at her home in Palm Springs. Leith’s family spokesperson Jane Chalmers made announcement of her passing.

Leith also was a contract player at 20th Century Fox, where she appeared in Richard Fleischer’s Violent Saturday (1955) opposite Victor Mature and Richard Egan and portrayed the sister of Joanne Woodward who falls for Robert Wagner’s cunning Bud Corliss in Gerd Oswald’s A Kiss Before Dying (1956).