What Does “Died Before” Mean in a Death Notice?

What Does Died Before Mean in a Death Notice

The phrase “preceded in death” can also be expressed using the term “predeceased by,” which has the same meaning. The following are some additional methods to communicate the same sentiment: Euphemism for “died” that is commonly used, “passed away” refers to someone who has died. This is a nice alternative to use if the phrase “preceded in death” seems too formal to you. For instance, you could write that “Lee’s mother Samantha and spouse Carlos both went away previous to Lee’s passing.”

Previous travelers include: The relationships within a family are frequently discussed in obituaries. However, many individuals have created their own families with members of the same group who are not related to them by blood. It’s likely that you wouldn’t list a close buddy who had blood relatives under the “preceded in death” category. You may mention something along the lines of “previously departed loved ones included my dearest friend Gail Stevens.”

A lot of individuals find solace in the idea that once we pass away, our loved ones will either be joined together in heaven or reunited beyond the veil. Altering the phrase “preceded in death” in the way that is typically done in an obituary is one way that you might convey this message. You might say something like, “In heaven, Manuel will be reunited with his beloved mother and father, Consuela and Hernando.” In addition to this, he will be reunited with his son Sebastian, who was taken to be with the Lord when he was a little child.

This choice would be suitable for somebody who had a strong religious faith in whatever they believe. You may alternatively remark that the deceased person met up with other deceased loved ones “beyond the veil,” although this is a less common way of referring to the afterlife. You might also claim that the departed person is now with other loved ones who have entered eternal rest after having “entered eternal rest.” This conveys the idea that your loved one will now be at peace, accompanied by other loved ones who have passed on before him or her.

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