Wilfredo Willie Morales

Wilfredo ‘Willie’ Morales Death | Obituary

Wilfredo ‘Willie’ Morales Cause Of Death | Obituary

Willie died in a very tragic way according to his obituary. He was a lover of Jehova. Friends and family of Wilfredo are very saddened by his death.

A Gofundme account has been created to assist the family of Morales with their burial expenses. The fundraiser page was created by Karina Morales and 9 others.

Morales left behind, his only daughter, Sophie. The fundraiser campaign is for Willie’s funeral service and for Sophie’s future.

Family and Friends, Your outpour of love and prayers have been felt during this tragic loss of our beloved Wilfredo Morales. Willie was a proud father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and a friend to many. He touched our lives with his big heart and words of encouragement. His love for Jehovah was deep-rooted and had such an admiration for Jehovah’s creation. Many have offered to help with this sudden tragedy. We ask that you please share the link. We also ask for your continued prayers as we all lean on Jehovah God for endurance. With such an unexpected tragedy your donation will help with arrangements for services and the future of Sophie, his only daughter.

*************************************** Queridos Familia y Amigos, De parte de la familia de Wilfredo Morales recurrimos a su generosidad y buen corazón en estos momentos de dolor y tristeza. Solicitamos de su ayuda económica, lo mínimo será de gran ayuda. Lo agradecemos de corazón para solventar los gastos de está triste partida. Wilfredo era un orgulloso padre, esposo, hijo, hermano y tío. Tocó la vida de todos con su gran corazón y palabras de encomio. Su amor por Jehová estaba profundamente arraigado y tenía tanta admiración por la creación de Jehová. Su donación ayudará con los arreglos y el futuro de Sophie, su única hija. Thank you, Karina Morales and the entire Morales Family