esti shot dead

Woman Esti Ahronovitz Shot Dead, Husband Arrested

Esti Ahronovitz was shot dead in her home on Sunday evening in Talmei Eliyahu in the southern Eshkol region. She wanted a divorce from her husband.

Esti was 70-year-old when she got shot dead. Her husband who is 5 years younger than her has been arrested. He was a prime suspect in the murder of Esti.

A family member told Army Radio that the husband’s behavior changed after Ahronovitz told him she wanted them to separate.

“He was a kind person, but lately he’s been a different person. We’ve seen him change because he didn’t want to separate,” the relative named only as Sagit said.

“Esther was a well-loved and vibrant friend, known and involved in the community,” said Ricky Peretz, a resident of Talmei Eliyahu.

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