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World Penguin Day – Why Is It Celebrated On April 25th

World Penguin Day – What Is World Penguin Day And Why Is It Celebrated On April 25th?

World Penguin Day is a significant day marked for interested people around the globe to honor flightless birds that inhabit the Antarctic.

The Penguin day is a day to remind people about the existences of Penguins and the challenges they face in our modern society. It is a day to recognize and take action about the penguins habitat.


According to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, April 25th “coincides with the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins“. Therefore, April 25th is a significant day in the penguin world.


To celebrate Penguins, you are expected to raise awareness and suggest solutions to the problems faced by Penguins in our today’s society. According to a report by Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, Penguins spend more than seventy five percent of their lives in the sea.

In the world we are today, a lot of indecomposable materials are being doped to the sea, the health of the oceans are indisputably imperative for penguins to survive.

By removing and reducing fisheries from penguin habitats, as well as shipping lanes, pollution and other developments, penguins can be protected.

The fate of penguins is a global responsibility. But to help protect the marine animals, donations can be made to penguin charities and petitions can be signed for the cause, too.

Twitter Users Celebrate Happy Penguin Day

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